What is Law Of Attraction And Manifestation?

The “Law of Attraction”, which means that when thoughts are concentrated in a certain field, people, things, and things related to this field will be attracted by it. There is a kind of energy that we can’t see that has been guiding the regular operation of the entire universe. It is precisely because of its action that the earth can maintain the state of operation for 4.6 billion years.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is resonance at the same frequency and attraction at the same gas.

A more detailed law says: Everything is attractive between people and things. Our people and things themselves are like magnets, they are attractive and can attract each other. In other words, it is the law that the environment is created by the mind.

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Birds of a feather flock together. People always tend to stay with their own kind. And it is the soul figure of this group that can gather scattered people to form a group. Generally , the scattered people who are called together by this soul figure will always have some shadow of this soul figure, which means that they have a certain commonality . It is precisely because of this commonality that this soul figure can attract people, and thus Form a united group.

Everything is energy

The great Einstein used his life’s wisdom to extract a formula:


Energy = mass x the square of the speed of light

All matter in the world can be converted with energy. As large as the movement of celestial bodies in the universe, as small as the circulation of the five internal organs of the body, and as small as atoms and electrons, all are constantly moving and vibrating. This endless rotation and constant vibration produces energy.

All tangible and intangible matter in the world are energy formed by different periods of motion and different vibration frequencies, but the periods and frequencies are different, which results in different manifestations. For example, the sun, the moon and the stars, the heavens and the earth, and the creatures in the universe are all congregations of energy.

And Einstein’s teacher, Planck, has another formula:

E=hv (energy=quantum constant x vibration frequency)

According to this formula, the higher the vibration frequency of a substance, the stronger the energy.

In everything:

The highest frequency becomes invisible matter, such as electricity, magnetic field, electromagnetic wave, ultrasonic wave, ideology, etc.

The second most frequent are living substances, such as humans and animals. Of course, humans are a bit higher than animals;

The lowest vibration frequency becomes solid matter, such as flowers, trees, tables, chairs, human bodies, etc.

This is what Chinese traditional culture says: everything has an anim. It’s just that intangible energy is always more permeable than tangible energy, with higher levels of strength and function.

Energy is also produced in the human body all the time. The human spirit, thought, and body are all energy, no matter how it behaves, standing, sitting, or lying, or various daily activities.

The essence of all activities and phenomena in the world is energy flow and transformation.

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How to understand the law of attraction in multiple dimensions?

How to understand the law of attraction more deeply? This requires us to continue to expand the angle and dimensions of looking at things to gain a deeper understanding of the multiple dimensions of the world, universe, and life. In this multi-dimensionality, how the Law of Attraction works in all aspects of our lives.

Different genres of spiritual practice, including Eastern Taoism, Yoga and Buddhism, etc., essentially follow such a picture in the spiritual dimension.

Next, let’s take this picture, how to influence our lives at different levels, the law of attraction, and how different genres exist in these multiple levels. When we have a comprehensive understanding, we can use attractive methods in many ways to make our lives more beautiful.

The bottom layer is the first layer, which we call the physical layer. It’s in the physical dimension, which is visible to everyone. For example, the visible money is RMB or US dollars, and the visible intimacy is the visible partner and the physical body between you. The visible person is the physical layer, and he is the thickest part.

Above the material layer, the second is the energy layer. Most people can’t feel this level. This is the subtle body of a person. For ordinary people, after long-term retreat, meditation, bigu, long-term practice of yoga, qigong, or other more subtle exercises, they will be sensitive and aware of this part. If placed on the human body, this energy layer has three main parts, the chakra center inside the body, the meridians, and the entire aura outside. So this is the operation of the entire energy layer.

Just as we are sitting in our respective time and space at this moment, our respective inner and outer parts are filled with an energy layer. This energy layer is placed on the law of attraction. From a physical point of view, energy has its own vibration frequency, as well as energy levels and levels. We will talk about this part in detail later. Corresponding to the law of attraction, when a person clearly knows that he will carry an energy layer inside and outside his body, he can adjust and transform his energy at any time. This is a very important lesson.

The energies resonate at the same frequency and attract each other. So this homework is a very important homework in the law of attraction.

Looking up, the third layer is the mind layer. From the psychological point of view, many psychologists study the human mind, including cognition, belief, memory, imagination and so on. In the dimension of mind. If the mind is in the realm of human consciousness, the mind can be divided into consciousness and subconsciousness.

Therefore, in the different schools and methods of attraction, many teachers pay attention to the homework of the idea layer. For example, we need to release and clean up the negative beliefs in our subconscious layer, do focused homework, do homework about beliefs and beliefs, and homework about visualization. Next, I will talk about how to use the mental layer to have an effect on the law of attraction.

On the next level, the fourth level is the spiritual level and the soul level. There are many spiritual laws in this part. When a person goes to in-depth study related to religion, or other spiritual in-depth study, such as karma, cause and effect, the law of flow, including the law of attraction, are also spiritual laws. It also includes non-attachment and the pain caused by attachment. In this dimension, many teachers will also teach us the homework we need to do on the spiritual level. You may need to perform karma management, including the law of seeds.

At the top, the fifth layer is the dimension of the unity of cosmic energy. It means that we obey and surrender to the universe and not cling to it. In the law of attraction, we say that we have to place orders and set goals from the universe. This is the connection between existence and the energy of the universe.

How to adjust attractiveness by transforming its own energy frequency?

Since everything is energy, according to the principle of conservation of energy, energy can neither be generated out of thin air nor disappear for no reason. It can only be transferred from one object to another, or from one form to another.

The universe has the most basic law: energy will only transfer between things with the same frequency! The flow of energy follows the principle of “attracting at the same frequency”.

Think about ourselves. When you are deeply drawn in your heart by someone, something, or something, you will feel a sense of’comprehension’ or you want to be’together with each other’, this is’telepathy’, we also call it As a “confidant”, no wonder the ancients said: “A scholar is a confidant” because your frequency is the same.

We are a launching station ourselves. Every thought of ours will be launched into the entire universe, and then we will call for things of the same frequency.

So: if you say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will be there; whatever you think, you will come; the more you are afraid, the more things will happen.

If we want to receive energy from the outside world, we must first adjust our state (frequency) so that the frequency is connected to the outside world, and then we obtain the transmitted energy.

Why are there so many terminally ill patients who can be cured by strong willpower alone? Because of his strong beliefs, he has obtained a lot of positive energy from the outside world, driving away the negative energy in the body.

The law of attraction says that we have energy in everything and everything. It has been seen in the energy dimension. What we can see is that our physical body is a heavy body, and what is invisible is that our energy body is a subtle body. His aura, chakras, veins, parts of the whole energy. This part puts a person in a different energy frequency. The law of attraction says that each of us is attracted to each other. You will find that people vibrate together at energy frequencies.

There is another important essence of the law of attraction, which is how to look at the law that arises from the mind. Buddhism is very particular about the part created by the mind. For a while, we will talk about the relationship between the creation of the mind and the parallel universe in quantum physics.

How to place an order with the universe

Lewis Walker, the former president of the American Association of Financial Advisers, once accepted an interview with a reporter about the foundation of a sound investment plan. After they chatted for a while, the reporter asked, “What are the factors that prevent people from succeeding?” Walker replied: “Vague goals.” The reporter asked Walker to explain further. He said: “I asked you a few minutes ago, what is your goal? You said that one day you want to have a hut on the mountain. This is a vague goal. The problem is that’one day’ is not clear enough. . Because it’s not clear enough, the chance of success is low.” “If you really want to buy a hut on the mountain, you must first find the mountain, find out the present value of the hut you want, and then consider inflation. Calculate how much the house is worth in 5 years; then, you must decide how much money you have to save each month in order to achieve this goal. If you do this, you may have a mountain in the near future Hut. But if you just talk about it, the goal may not be achieved.”

A clear goal is strength. The world gives way to people with clear goals and obstacles to people who hesitate. Many difficulties and obstacles, many setbacks and obstacles are precisely caused by our hesitation.

  1. Clarify what you want

There is no success without goals. There are no lazy people in the world, only people who lack clear goals.

2. Write down the goals, express them in specific standards and have a deadline

If the goal is not met, I may still be an ordinary worker in my home city; if the goal is not met, “If the goal is not met, I am definitely still a telemarketer rather than a speech trainer. This It’s the result of me working all the way to reach the deadline.

Goals without deadlines are just dreams. For a dream to come true, there must be a deadline.

3. Launch an order to the universe

There are at least three ways to send orders to the universe:

1. Shout out the target

2. Contemplate the goal in mind

3. Write the target more than 10 times repeatedly

In fact, all the things we want exist in the universe, and we already have them, but you discover him and own him.

4. Keep on emitting energy

Sharpening the knife also requires several hundred strokes, and it may even take several years for a drop of water to penetrate the stone. Repetition is power. I write my core goals repeatedly every morning and night before going to bed. Write ten times in the morning and evening. I write about my goals every day. There is only one goal, which is to stimulate the subconscious mind and give it a clear instruction. When we have a huge goal in our mind, and it conforms to the laws of nature, we can invite everyone to help.

Shi Yuzhu, a legendary Chinese businessman, a riser in the business world. In the past few years, the brain gold and brain platinum advertisements he planned have been tirelessly placing orders with us. In my opinion, the repeated brain gold and brain platinum advertising models may be a true portrayal of his life. It is this kind of tireless repetition that miraculously made Shi Yuzhu’s successful life!

5. Visualize the goal

The first step in using the subconscious mind is to set a goal in your mind. The goal can be big or small, but it must be something you are willing and able to work on. In other words, you must first draw a picture of the goal in your mind, and you must paint it with your heart. You must never do graffiti by hand, because you have to be responsible to yourself.

Thoughts lead to actions, actions produce methods. “Visualization” is a vivid statement, and it is also an effective method. Give an image to an abstract thing, and make a picture of it in your mind, as if you can see it right in front of your eyes. This is what we call “visualization”.

6. Develop detailed strategies, methods and steps to achieve goals

We say that success equals goals. A high-quality, outstanding life requires two main conditions: first, know what you want, which is called a goal; second, know what you can be like. There are several problems:

First, you must know your destination, your goal.

Second, in the long-term goals you accomplish, you can’t live the pain in the process of completing your goals in all stages.

Third, the goals you set must be meaningful to you, otherwise, you will give up halfway.

Fourth, you must have the ability to achieve this goal, which requires you to continuously improve and strengthen your own capabilities.

The fifth is to evaluate and review. Keep evaluating and reviewing. Don’t think that after setting goals, there are methods, advantages, and opportunities, and then they can be achieved.

7. Attract all people, things and things related to my goal to achieve the goal

Attract anytime, anywhere, and attraction comes from the firm belief of consciousness.

Written at the end,

Life is like this, your mind level determines your destiny and ultimate achievement, and your consciousness determines what kind of people you will meet and what events you will experience.

If you want to be with wise people, please fill your own wits first.

If you want to work with good people, please strengthen your abilities first.

If you are good at discovering the strengths of others and turning them into your own, you will have a group of wise men; if you are good at grasping life opportunities and turning them into your own opportunities, you will not have to be strong.

Treat the achievements of others as passionate as you treat your own success. Learn from the best others and achieve the best yourself!

Your world is drawn from your heart!

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